CERD has an independent Board of Directors responsible for all the policy decisions. The Chief Executive is the administrative head who along with the management team is responsible for programme implementation. CERD works under the following executive framework.
At the Head Office level, there is a Chief Executive (CE) assisted by a Program Manager Operations (PMO) along with Seven core managers heading HRM, Finance, Internal Audit, Admin, PMER , Media and IT Units and there are 6 Programme Units each headed by a Programme Manager. CERD has also established a strong Internal Financial and Social Audit system with a view to strengthen internal controls in terms of finance as well as program quality. The field operations are directly managed through the Regional Offices. Each Regional Office is managed by a Regional Programme Manager or Team Leader who is assisted by a team of senior representatives of Programme Sections at the regional level. Each Region has Field Units at the District and Tehsil level, and under most of the field units several Village Branches are established; the smallest unit of operations in the structure of CERD. The team at each Field Unit consists of one male and female Social Organizer, one or two Intern Social Organizers and a Field Monitor. At present CERD operates 07 Regional Offices across KP and FATA.