CERD completed its 15th year in 2022 with limited resources taped through tremendous efforts. Despite the COVID-19 potential threat, the CERD teams diligently adapted to the situation and maintained the institutional spirit. The funding opportunities, though rare, were accessed and the agenda under the goals of the organization was held up. This was made possible by establishing linkages with duty bearers and engagement of communities in human rights, livelihood opportunities, and health and nutrition.

The thematic focus as well as the work progress were in line with the UN-SDGs. In nexus with the preceding years, few donors contributed to upkeep the courage of CERD in executing benevolent ventures in favor of the target audience for the period in reference. 

I acknowledge the incredible support that the KP Government and other institutions extended to our staff in the field. At the same time, the support and guidance provided by the BOD to the management team were tremendous as well.    

I have been with my teams in the field, interacted with stakeholders, and am comfortable with the organization’s services that favored the intended beneficiaries under the umbrella of the organization’s vision, mission, and value statements.


Khan Muhammad