C.E Message

It is conceitedly expressed that CERD completed 10th year of its vital journey and is sharing the information for stakeholder reference. Last few year has been quite encouraging in terms of visible reduction in terrorist activities, closure of camps and return of TDPs, however, challenging due to paradigm shift in donor’s support and Government policies, nonetheless, capitalizing upon lines of its professional journey, CERD strengthened its pace of links with the stakeholders and in a prospective way, achieved the targets planned for the reporting year.
CERD has made best efforts to focus on reflecting progress over the year more in quantified terms as opposed to detailed narrations in order to interactively convey the message to the patrons. The institution emphasized on concerns contributing to UNSDGs through Community Services & Protection, Health & Nutrition, Livelihood/Food Security, Water Supply & Sanitation and Emergency Response on top of Gender Equality, Advocacy and Climate Change as institutionally cross cutting themes.
I appreciate the dedication of my teams for implementation of their annual plans. Over the years, the level of trust and confidence professionally reinforced our institutional rank making CERD more smooth doing.
In nexus with the preceding years, the supporter fraternity frontally contributed to upkeep the courage of the organization in revamping self-possession of the beneficiaries targeted for the period in reference.
I much appreciate the incredible support extended to the program overall by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Provincial and FATA Disaster Management Authorities, FATA and TDP Secretariats. CERD highly respects the mandate of Security Forces i.e. maintenance of peace and conformity in FATA and works in close coordination with them. Based on the remarkable
cooperation with our staff in the field, I extend my profound thanks and appreciation to Pakistan Army as well.

Concomitantly, the professional and moral guidance provided by the Board of Directors of CERD to the management team along the course of work is highly applauded. I have been with my teams in assessing community needs, accessing the required resources, planning and implementation of projects/program and interacting with stakeholders and am contented on the services that CERD rendered to the intended beneficiaries in the reporting year.

Khan Muhammad