Ongoing Projects

1Community Based Management of Acute MalnutritionCommunity organization and mobilizationAwareness raisingNutrition supportPeshawar, NowsheraSep 2019 – March 2020PKR 10.59 millionUN WFP
2Integrated Livelihood ResponseLivelihood supportWASH responseAssets transfer and cash for workNorth WaziristanMarch 2019- May 2020USD 100 millionCESVI
3Poverty Graduation ProgrammeSocial MobilizationNetworkingLivelihoods supportEconomic uplift of afghan and Pakistani familiesSwabiOct 2017- Jan 2019Approx. PKR 80 MillionPPAF
4Support training of Electoral Staff member in Tribal Districts of KPAdvocacyMobilizationAdministrative supportKurram, OrakzaiMay 2019-June 2019PKR 4.4 millionDAI
5Women Economic Empowerment ProjectIdentification of 4000 Home based workersTraining of 4000 HBWsFinancial product development and networkingKhyber, Peshawar and SwabiSep 2017 till Aug 2019PKR 24.5 millionUNWOMEN
6Covid-19 response in Ex-FATA – KPCommunity awarenessCapacity building of private and government health care professionals on covid-19 infection prevention and control.Awareness of Ulima’s on infection prevention and control Provision of PPEsKhyber, Kurram, Orakzai, SW, NW, Bajaur, Mohmand3 MonthsPKR 35 millionUNICEF
7Food, Community based Management of Acute MalnutritionScreening of 6-59-months of age children and PLW as per CMAM national guidelines.Referral and follow-up of SAM & MAM cases to health centers/facilities.Registration and treatment of MAM children and acutely malnourished PLW.Reporting and recording of WFP specialized nutritious food supplements of registered cases.Community mobilization and awareness for promotion of MIYCN practices at community level.Adopt model with Partial or complete Lock Down for Implementation of CMAM/TSFP.Peshawar, Khyber, Mohmand, Bajour and Orakzai6 monthsPKR 33 millionWFP
8KP Merged Tribal Districts Support ProgramFacilitation of 11000 women in acquiring CNICCommunity mobilizationAdvocacyKP TDs; NW, Khyber, SW, Kurram, OrakzaiSep 2019 till Sep 2020PKR 10.5 millionUN-Women
9Enhancing Food security through strategic interventions in Agriculture at SwabiCommunity formation and organization of 40 CIsTraining and orientation of 40 CIsCommunity Physical Infrastructure schemes8 UCs of SwabiJan 2020 till Jan 2022PKR 140 millionPPAF
10General Food DistributionMobilization at Food HubCrowd controlling at the distribution pointFood Distribution/CollectionData Compilation and ManagementEstablishment of Grievance DeskKohat, Bannu and Orakzai AgencyFebruary 2010-Aug, 2020Approx. PKR 60 MillionWFP
11AWAAZ-IICommunity mobilization and sensitizationHuman rights protection, monitoring and referral through Agahi Centers at 3 Tehsils of district Swabi3 Tehsils (Swabi, Razarr and Topi) of district SwabiMarch 2020- May 2022Approx. PKR 25 millionBritish Council
12Building a responsive institutions and community for emotional and social welfare of women and girls and addressing issues of GBV in Khyber PakhtunkhwaCommunity mobilization to promote emotional and social well-being of women and girls Training workshops with the groups of 250 men and 250 women and workshops with 50 religious faith leaders. Awareness raising activities including, street theaters, sport events, community gala on the issues of GBV A series of 4 day capacity building and sensitization trainings (in parts) for service providers and Government officialsPeshawarAugust 2019- Aug 2020PKR 3.9 millionRozan
13Emergency response to COVID-19 affectees in district SwabiIdentification and assessment of 6000 beneficiariesProvision of food packages, agriculture inputs and Poultry packages to affected personsAwareness raising on COVID-19SwabiJune2020- August 2020PKR 33 millionPPAF